Mission & Values

Our Mission

SOS RESTORATION INC’s mission is to be the leading provider of value-added solutions to our customers, to provide a safe and career-oriented environment for our employees, and to provide a fair and equitable return to our shareholders, all while maintaining honesty, fairness, and integrity.

SOS RESTORATION INC is “restoring more than property” – we are rebuilding homes and businesses that have been destroyed by catastrophic losses. We are reviving community pride and reviving hope by making progress every day.

Our culture is founded on three fundamental principles: integrity, loyalty, and commitment, to ourselves, to one another, and to our customers.


To strive to do our very best every time, to keep your best interests in mind at all times, to stand by our word, and to give you our all – every second, minute, and day.

Corporate Social Responsibility

SOS RESTORATION INC leaders expect and encourage their offices to support and give back to the communities they serve. Charitable causes range widely, from stocking local food banks to safety awareness campaigns to renovating homes for the needy.

Environmental Responsibility

SOS RESTORATION INC Holdings, Inc. accepts a special obligation to the environment and its protection. As a result, we always use the most eco-friendly and low-impact restoration methods available. All national and international environmental laws are followed by our businesses.

Furthermore, SOS RESTORATION INC is dedicated to finding ways to conduct business in a more sustainable manner.