Mold Remediation

SOS RESTORATION INC offers mold removal services to stem the tide of mold, as well as cleaning and sanitization, including mold odor removal to restore your home or business to its original condition. Removal of mold can be a serious endeavor, and SOS RESTORATION INC has the expertise and technology for the job.

In your home right now, you could have mold developing without even realizing what’s going on.

Most people make the mistake of believing that mold may only develop after a flood or a large storm that causes water to leak into the property. This is incorrect. A simple thing like a few days of high humidity in a row or a poorly ventilated attic, on the other hand, might result in ceiling and wall molding – and that is not good!

No matter how thoroughly you clean your home, spores can still enter your home and establish themselves on wooden and fabric surfaces. From there, all they want is a small amount of moisture in order to flourish and cause a slew of issues for you and your household members.

Mold is not just unpleasant to smell and unsightly to look at; it also has the potential to be hazardous.

Upper respiratory tract symptoms such as coughing and wheezing are common health problems connected with mold exposure. Mold exposure is also associated with allergies and asthma. These, as well as other symptoms such as itchy skin and moist eyes, can be bothersome and irritating in otherwise healthy people.

However, among children and adults who have asthma, allergies, or other respiratory issues, these symptoms can become far more severe than in the general population. It is possible to develop serious flu-like symptoms from mycotoxicosis, also known as mold poisoning. These symptoms might include severe headaches, fever, and difficulty breathing.

Some studies have even found a correlation between early exposure and the development of asthma in children. Mold can also cause costly structural damage in addition to these possible health consequences — it is simply not the type of problem that should be ignored for long periods.

When the health of your family and the structural integrity of your house are in jeopardy, call the restoration professionals at SOS Restoration. In addition to having more than a decade of expertise in professional mold removal and water damage restoration, we are able to provide comprehensive and cost-effective services to homes and businesses in New York City, NY.

When you require mold treatment in New York City, NY that is both quick and dependable, SOS Mold Restoration will be there to save the day. You will not find a more thorough, pleasant, or reasonably priced service anywhere else.

Do not take our word for it; read what our clients have to say about our award-winning services!

Mold Issues Defined

Fungi include mold (mildew), mushrooms, and yeast, to name a few examples. Fungi can be found both indoors and out, depending on the climate. Mold can be found in abundance throughout the United States, including New York City areas, where hundreds of different varieties can be found.

Mold exposure can exacerbate asthma symptoms and allergies, such as hay fever, or cause them to worsen. Mold allergy or sensitivity symptoms include congestion, runny nose, coughing, and difficulty breathing in people who are allergic or sensitive to mold.

Some people are at greater risk of experiencing more severe reactions to mold, such as fever and shortness of breath, than others. This includes people who are exposed to large amounts of mold while at work, such as agricultural workers and demolition workers who demolish buildings. People who have had or are currently undergoing certain medical procedures, such as bone marrow or organ transplants, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy, are also at risk of contracting the disease. After the mold has been removed, the majority of the health symptoms disappear.

Our Mold Removal Process

  • SOS RESTORATION INC’s mold remediation experts begin by restoring the affected area to normal conditions before moving on to mold odor removal in New York. Our advanced deodorization methods can restore your home or company and help prevent reoccurrences. We are aware of your specifications. It is our responsibility. Within 24-48 hours, we will provide a full estimate, including photographs, to the agent or adjuster. Our dedication to excellence extends to you, which means you can rely on us for reliable, continuous communication and reporting.
  • SOS RESTORATION INC offices are privately owned and run, and they collaborate with indoor environmental professionals (IEPs) and laboratories to protect you and your family from potentially harmful mold situations. SOS RESTORATION INC mold remediation professionals are well-trained and prepared to minimize mold losses and face any mold induced obstacle with integrity, dependability, compassion, and reverence.

Thorough Asbestos and Mold Cleanup

We treat mold-damaged property as if it were our own. SOS RESTORATION INC’s remediation experts use the latest technology to identify both mold and the moisture damage source that feeds it to proficient and dry mold cleanup.

Industry Certified Technicians in New York City

SOS RESTORATION INC’s mold specialists are thoroughly screened, fully insured, and exceptionally qualified to provide service to remediate property damage.

Ongoing Communication

We keep you and your insurance agent informed at every step of the cleanup process to ensure everyone involved understands what’s happening and what to expect.

State-of-the-art technology

SOS RESTORATION INC’s mold remediation professionals first identify the extent of the mold problem, and then highly work with care and sensitivity to rescue the affected area and restore it to normal dry conditions.


New York Mold Specialist and Inspection Services:

  • Full Mold Inspection & Removal
  • Remediation from Damage caused by Mold
  • Deodorization
  • Cleaning & Sanitation of Structure, Fixtures & Building Contents
  • Containment in Affected Area(s)
  • HEPA Air Filtration and HEPA Vacuuming

The SOS Mold Remediation & Home Advantage

We are a mold removal company in New York City, NY, and we are here to serve every resident of the city.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve hired a reputable company that will complete the job correctly from beginning to end.

Our mold removal specialists will respond as soon as possible to ensure that you can return to your home in a safe and comfortable manner as soon as possible after being exposed to mold. You have the right to live without having to be concerned about how the quality of your air is affecting your quality of life.

The toxic black mold in your New York City home will be completely dried and removed by our professional mold removal team. We will salvage any belongings that can be salvaged and take steps to prevent the problem from recurring.

Why SOS Restoration for your Mold Removal Services?

  • Service Around the Clock – Other mold removal companies are only open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., making it difficult for working families in New York City to schedule an inspection at a time that is convenient for them. The good news is that SOS’s restoration services are available 24/7 to assist you when you need us the most, and you can rely on our quick response times all year long.
  • Experience – SOS Restoration has more than a decade of restoration experience, so you can be confident that the job will be done correctly the first time. Our mold removal and disaster recovery services have helped countless New York City residents and business owners recover from devastating floods, fires, and other natural disasters over the course of the last two decades.
  • Upstanding Professionals – Professionals who are pleasant to be around – In our opinion, providing a friendly and courteous service is just as important as providing a thorough remediation service at SOS Restoration. Customers frequently contact us after a devastating storm or flood to have us check for toxic substances and to restore any water damage that has occurred. Given how stressful these disasters can be, we treat our customers with the courtesy and respect that their families would expect.
  • Advanced Equipment – We use the most up-to-date technology available to take on the most difficult jobs. You won’t have to worry about mold re-appearing because our high-tech portable vacuums and powerful sanitation products are extremely effective at eradicating it. Mold remediation costs are kept down by utilizing the most up-to-date, high-efficiency equipment available in the industry.
  • Mold Removal Services to Both Residential and Commercial Properties in New York City, NY – While some restoration companies may specialize in one type of property or another, SOS Mold Restoration provides mold removal services to both residential and commercial properties in the city. No structure is too small or too large for our professional black mold removal services!